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The District provides e-mail primarily for business purposes. Limited personal use of the system is permitted only so long as the use imposes no tangible cost to the District, does not unduly burden the District's computer or network resources, and has no adverse effect on an employee's job performance or on a student's academic performance.

District issued e-mail may not be used to engage in activities prohibited by law or the District's guidelines and policies. Users may not use e-mail to advertise or provide services for pay, send unsolicited e-mails (spamming) or chain letters, pretend to send or receive mail on behalf of others without their permission (spoofing), or aid or allow others to act out of accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy.

Users should be aware that the District's system is monitored. Messages, including deleted e-mails, can be traced and/or retrieved by the office of Network Systems and Support.